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Stack Trace Translate

A major disadvantage of obfuscating Java bytecode is that it complicates the interpretation of the stack traces that are generated should the bytecode contain a bug. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that obfuscated methods tend to be highly overloaded. If a bug is reported by a customer then a stack trace like the one that follows may be all you have to work with.
Exception in thread "main" 
      at a.a.c.a(c.java:7)
      at a.a.b.a(b.java:7)
      at a.a.a.a(a.java:3)
      at a.a.a.main(a.java:10)
Zelix KlassMaster's Stack Trace Translate tool allows you to quickly interpret the contents of an obfuscated stack trace. The tool performs an advanced analysis of the obfuscated bytecode that usually allows it to identify a single original method signature for each obfuscated method name in the stack trace even if the stack trace contains no line numbers.