Zelix KlassMaster - Java Obfuscator

Java ME & JEE Obfuscation Support

The Zelix KlassMaster™ Java obfuscator provides support for Java ME and JEE. This support is based on:
  • Zelix KlassMaster's ability to obfuscate bytecode before or after Java ME pre-verification so that no IDE plugin is required (see Java ME obfuscation tutorial),
  • default name obfuscation exclusions (which you can override if you wish),
  • Smart Save™ technology which automatically adjusts EJB XML deployment descriptor files to reflect obfuscated class and field names,
  • the ability to update class names appearing within the annotations introduced in EJB 3
  • support for Incremental Obfuscation which ensures consistent renaming across releases.
Zelix Klassmaster's default name exclusions ensure that critical field and method names are not changed. Examples of some names that are excluded by default are:
  • public methods inside classes annotated with @javax.ejb.Remote (required by EJB 3)
  • public methods inside of classes that implement javax.ejb.EJBObject (required by EJBs),
  • public methods named create inside of classes that implement javax.ejb.EJBHome (required by EJBs),
For a complete list of the default exclusion, see the Zelix KlassMaster™ online documentation.