Zelix KlassMaster - Java Obfuscator

Java Obfuscation with Heavy Duty Protection™

The Zelix KlassMaster™ Java obfuscator protects your Java code from decompilation and reverse engineering. Its advanced Flow Obfuscation, String Encryption, Integer Constant Encryption, Method Parameter Obfuscation, Reference Obfuscation and Method Parameter Changing technologies make it a true heavy duty Java obfuscator.

Name Obfuscation means bytecode size reduction

Zelix KlassMaster's Name Obfuscation functionality performs size optimization by reducing the size of Java package, class, method and field names. Its Trim functionality reduces bytecode size by removing unused classes, fields and methods.

Powerful obfuscation but easy to use

In addition to its advanced Java obfuscation features, the Zelix KlassMaster™ Java obfuscator is also easy to use. It has:
  • a powerful scripting language called ZKM Script,
  • the unique AutoReflection™ technology which allows the automatic handling of any Java Reflection API calls that Zelix KlassMaster™ could not fully resolve,
  • Smart Save™ technology that automatically updates JAR manifests and XML files,
  • Incremental Obfuscation which ensures consistent obfuscation of Java object names across your releases,
  • the GUI Stack Trace Translate tool to make deciphering obfuscated Java stack traces effortless.