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Trim Class Exclude Parameter

The Class Exclude Parameter dialog has two facets:
  • the specification of the class itself and
  • the specification of the package that contains the class
For a class to be excluded it must match the full specification.

The class itself

In specifying the class which is to be excluded, you can specify:
  • whether its access level is
    • not specifed
    • public
    • package (i.e. default)
  • whether it has or doesn't have the modifiers
    • abstract
    • final
    • interface (i.e. the class is an interface)
  • its name or a "*" wildcard string that its unqualified name must match
  • the fully qualified name of its superclass
  • a comma separated list of fully qualified interface names that it implements.
  • the fully qualified class name of an annotation that a matching method must have. You can use the "*" wildcard. Do not include the '@' character.
Class Exclude Parameter - Class itself


The containing package

To specify the containing package, click the Containing package tab. If you clear the Name field then you are specifying that the class is in the default package.
Class Exclude Parameter - Containing package


An example

The specification:

@pack2.MyAnnotation0 public final p*.*.C*x extends pack1.Class1 implements java.io.Serializable, pack2.Class2

means exclude all classes that:
  • are annotated by a class matching pack2.MyAnnotation0
  • are public final
  • have a name that matches "C*x"
  • extend pack1.Class1
  • are contained in a package whose name matches "p*.*"

Exclude Parameter Type Field Exclude Parameter
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